Junnier Law & Research, P.A. provides legal services, political and governmental advocacy, and international dispute resolution assistance to those living, working, or potentially investing in Florida. We also prepare legal research, advisory memoranda, and policy positions for other legal advocates, academics, NGOs, political leaders, and elected officials. Whether representing a political committee before the Florida Elections Commission, an online retailer with a supplier dispute, or an international enterprise attempting to limit its risk when investing in a developing economy--Junnier Law & Research, P.A. strives to offer affordable and pragmatic solutions to complicated problems with professionalism and extreme discretion. Please explore JunnierLaw.com to learn more about Attorney Richard Junnier, Junnier Law & Research, P.A.'s practice areas, and its strong commitment to public service. If you think Junnier Law & Research, P.A. can be of assistance, please contact us and it will be our pleasure to schedule a free consultation.

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